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Biomass to Market

Corporate Relationships

Corporate Relationships

We cherish relationships and professional networks

Global Support

From our Durban (kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) offices we operate globally through formal and strategic relationship. DalinYebo supports a client base that stretches from the USA, via Europe, Africa, Far East to Australia. – We generally work in support of client nominated consultants. 

Trading Network

Besides Africa, in collaboration with our trading partners, we service North & South America, Europe, former UDSSR, Middle East, China, South East Asia and Japan.

Partners & Associates

Academic Partner

Our R&D started in 1999


 dyGenesys JV parterns: - Genesys Engineering P.C. - DalinYebo Trading and Development (Pty) Ltd

dyKC Joint Venture

dyKC JV: Proserpine Biorefinery's global and exclusive product marketer

Planet Earth Biopower (Pty) Ltd

Biofuels curb global warming