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Biomass to Market

Added Revenue for the Cornbelt

Corncobs: Ideal feedstock for furfural production Corncobs: Ideal feedstock for furfural production (Image: Farmax, LLC)
Project Development Plan: 10,000 tpa of furfural from corncobs


DATE: June 2011

DESCRIPTION/FEATURES: Evaluation of technology developments and the currently available production technologies and their application in the US cornbelt. Preparation of a development plant for new furfural production from corncobs.

OUTCOME:  Before tax IRR= 41%, with a payback period of less than 3 years.


between 1995 and 2004, 90,000 tpa of furfural capacity was lost in the USA. There is no longer any furfural production in the USA, since the closure of the plants at Cedar Rapids and Omaha. Over the years, the collection of corncobs has been mechanised (in Iowa and Nebraska) and offers new possibilities to re-establish the production of furfural in the USA, where it was first made in 1922.


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