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Furfural From Sunflower Husks

Sunflower Seed Storage and Oil Mill Sunflower Seed Storage and Oil Mill (Image: DalinYebo)
Case Studies: 4,000 tpa integrated furfural production (+ electricity)


DATE: 1Q14

DESCRIPTION/FEATURES: Based on prior work, two cases were developed (see Beyond Combustion: Additional Value for the Sunflower Husks).

OUTCOME: Depending on the configuration (with or without electricity generation) and location, before tax IRRs are around 30% with a payback period below 4 years.

STATUS QUO: Pellet prices have declined (low coal prices) and furfural production combines with other uses of the lignocellulose is a very attractive alternative.



When we first looked at sunflower husks as a feedstock for furfural production in 2002, the oil mill paid for the husks to be removed. Some mills use (up top 50% of) their husks as boiler fuel. Husks are also pelletised and traded (globally).

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Background Information Document: Furfural from Sunflower Husks

Biomass: Furfural from Sunflower Husks

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