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Biomass to Market

Furfural Integration to Sugarmill (with ethanol and electricity)

Ideal platform for biobased chemicals and energy Ideal platform for biobased chemicals and energy (Image: DalinYebo)
Concept and Project Development Plan for a 15,000 tpa furfural plant


DATE: 2H13

DESCRIPTION/FEATURES: Development of concept plan and preparation of the project development plan, incl. marketing study and financial evaluation (feasibility study).

OUTCOME: Before tax IRR of 28.1% with a payback period of less than four years. 

STATUS QUO: Investment mandate letter for 70% of the project debt received from a large international financing institution. Client investment decision pending.



Established South (and Central) American sugar mills are faced with growth limitations due to land unavailability (or the available land is expensive), but have an abundance of biomass available to further grow their business.

Our starting point was a sugar mill with ethanol production and electricity generation that wished to evaluate the business impact an integrated furfural production will have on their current operation.


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