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Biomass to Market

uThukela GreenEnergyPark™ Development

A plan to add R350million pa to the uThukela (Okhahlamba) Economy A plan to add R350million pa to the uThukela (Okhahlamba) Economy (Image: DalinYebo)
Concept and Implementation Plan: Chemicals and Electricity form Corncobs


DATE(S): 4Q12 to 1Q13

DESCRIPTION/FEATURES: Development of the concept and its implementation plan to build a biomass processing facility in the western KwaZulu-Natal's uThukela district municipality. The selected biomass are corncobs, which can be harvested without any negative impact on soil or water.

OUTCOME: The project is viable on the basis of the furfural production with a payback period of less than five years and an after tax IRR in the 20%s. The furfural sales will be secured via off-take agreements. In addition, the GreenEnergyPark™ will provide the infrastructure and electricity for other enterprises (most likely, but not exclusively) in the agri-processing sector and/or, alternatively, the development of a furfural-downstream processing cluster for the manufacture of other high-value bio-renewable chemicals. 

STATUS QUO: Ongoing investor presentations.



GreenEnergyParks are smart biomass (agricultural/forest residues) conversions to energy, chemicals and commercial products. They create and provide rural jobs, contribute to food security, because of new crop or additional revenue from the biomass co-harvesting from existing crops. GreenEnergyParks's products replace fossil derived products (negative CO2Footprint!)

We evaluated opportunities in the maize growing areas of the Northern Cape, the Northwest Province, Freestate Province and KwaZulu-Natal. Our generic concept plant was adapted to the uThukela area.

The uThukela business plan is based on the Cobelec business plan, which was ..

.. deemed to be one of the most promising clean energy investmetn opportunities .. 

.. by a panel of experts that included representatives from the International Finance Corporation, IDC and the CTI PFAN African Forum for Clean Energy Financing. The Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) is a multilateral, public-private partnership initiated by the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) in cooperation with the UNFCCC Expert Group on Technology Transfer.

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Underlying business plan: Cobelec Ag-residue to electricity

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