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Biomass to Market

GreenEnergyPark™ - Cobelec Project

Turning corncobs into chemicals and energy is the core of the GreenEnergyPark™

Yenepa Ltd.: Biorefinery (Turkey)

€25million GreenEnergyPark™. Olive Residue → Pomace Oil, Furfural, Electricity & Fertiliser

Large Scale Furfural Production (from Bagasse)

The world's largest furfural factories use bagasse as feedstock

Cobelec™: Ag. Residue to Electricity

Project to collect and convert 60,000 tonne/year biomass into electricity and other products. Business plan developed. Call for Series-A financing.

Completed Projects

Since 2001, we have undertaken a variety of projects for the exclusive benefits of our clients.

Projects (completed):