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Biomass to Market

GREEN focus!

 Our perspective on business is GREEN

Central to our business is not a 'romance' with GREEN, but the realisation that building a business on the People Planet Profit sustainability principle requires a paradigm shift from all participants (bankers, engineers, government officials, operators, farmers, etc.). Unlike the conversion of coal/oil into chemicals and energy that focus on maximum yields with established technologies, the manufacturing of bio-renewable chemicals is all about finding The-Right-Balance™ in every step of the value chain from biomass production to selling its converted products. There are two counter acting parts to a balance. In our business they are for example:

Soil health vs. biomass supply area

Yield vs. mass & energy balance

Unknowns vs. experienced know-how

This paradigm shift is the thread that runs trough all aspects of our business. Use the links below to learn more about us.