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Biomass to Market

About Biobased Business

Smart biomass (agricultural/forest residues) conversions to energy and chemicals.

DalinYebo's business ranges from conceptualisation to operating of bio-refineries that produce and sell furfural, its many by-products and energy. Besides multidisciplinary technical and project implementation expertise, we also undertake all activities from product market studies to global sales.

The company uses a combination of the most efficient, proprietary (own and 3rd party) biomass-to-chemical-and-energy conversion technologies, resulting in sustainable reduction in operating costs.

Since 2001, DalinYebo has created a global niche market for its products with exceptional growth prospects.

Our business is about the conversion of bio-carbon to commercial chemicals and energy. 

Our key to sustainability is the complete conversion of biologically captured energy (from the sun), which infers using all the organic components of agricultural by-products or crops, such as sugars, cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin and metabolites derived therefrom to produce chemicals through unit processes that we'll invent or apply.

The remaining residue from such process will be converted to energy products (steam, electricity, ethanol, etc.) and so we provide substitute products, which are NOT derived from fossil carbon (i.e. coal/oil/gas).

For DalinYebo to engage in business or project opportunities, there has to be a favourable chance that water management, pollution and poverty alleviation are as much a future beneficiary of the consequence of our actions as is the profitability of our ventures.

We therefore deliver cleantech investment opportunities that create wealth (DalinYebo: Xhosa for wealth creation) for all our stakeholders.