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Biomass to Market


Biomass suitable for furfural production

During our 10 years of furfural process R&D, we tested and characterised a large variety of biomass for its handling and processing characteristics. We investigated and developed solutions mainly for solid biomass, but also for liquors emanating from processing plants (e.g. pulp mills).

Solid Biomass

The biomass below is suitable as a feedstock for furfural production:

Corncobs, corn stover, other corn fibre, sugarcane bagasse, sugarcane leaves (trash), sweet stem sorghum, switch grass, "black wattle", wheat straw, olive residues, oat hulls, rice husks, sunflower husks, cotton seed hulls, wood (tops & limbs), palm (EFB & husks), kenaf core.

There were others, that did not have the potential or we still have on the list to evaluate. In the interactive gallery below we highlight some features on selected biomass (NB: Users who are  registered and are logged-in can see the full gallery).

Liquid Biomass

Other suitable feedstock are the pentoses or their oligomers that are found in the waste or re-cycle streams of sulphite pulp mills, lignosulphonate factories or cellulosic ethanol plants.

Biomass Gallery