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Furfural from Corncobs

Corncobs are used for about 70% of the global furfural production. They are harvested over a ±3months period and then stockpiled to supply the biorefinery for the balance of the year.

It used to be a cheap feedstock in China, which lead to the closure of all the furfural plants in the USA. This has now changed: Cob prices in China are now at levels that they used to be in the USA in the 1990s. There are many technical and agricultural reasons why cobs are a good feedstock choice. We have previously reported:

Removal of cobs does not affect the soil health.

Modern, on-the-go single-pass harvesting systems allow large-scale collection of cobs.

Co-harvesting of corncobs makes sense e.g. for small scale farmers (in Africa and elsewhere).

Images on cob harvest, transport and cob storage.

FOR OUR CLIENTS: Also see updated article on how the pricing of furfural works in China.


About Biomass & Furfural

For owners of biomass we offer technology and market access, creating investment opportunities in the cleantech space. Contact us to discuss the potential your biomass has for the production of furfural.

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This article is part of a series on "biomass for furfural" production, which provides our clients with updates and analysis on the fundamentals and competitiveness of a variety of feedstock.