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About the key people who work with us.

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About bio-renewable Chemicals

About bio-renewable Chemicals (1)

About bio-renewable chemicals (Furfural and its many By-products)

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About biobased Energy

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About biobased energy (Electricity, Pellets and other Ligno-cellulosic Products)

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About Biomass

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About biomass for furfural production, steam and e.g. electricity

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Ukraine Biomass: Concept Plan

Biomass Beyond Energy!

Does the co-harvesting of maize and cobs make business sense?

A single pass harvesting system, developed by farmers for farmers to unlock a viable renewables businesses.

GreenEnergyPark™ - Cobelec Project

Turning corncobs into chemicals and energy is the core of the GreenEnergyPark™

Sweet Sorghum

From Africa: An Ideal Feedstock For The Global Biorefineries.


Jimmy Londsdale (BSc and MSc AGRIC): Associate (Agronomy) & Farmer

Furfural Integration to Sugarmill (with ethanol and electricity)

Concept and Project Development Plan for a 15,000 tpa furfural plant