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Biomass to Market


Applying modern knowhow & techniques to a 1832 discovery

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DalinYebo's strong accent on practical Research and Development is supplement by the addition of new and novel 3rd party technologies (under license) to our development portfolios: These technologies often need customisation to a client's environments and/or needs and are sourced via our international relationships.

Initially under the guidance of one of the most knowledgeable minds in this field, our researchers further develop the understanding of the chemistry and technology of furfural and its many by-products. The focus of the current technical team has been on the:

testing of a variety of additional biomass.

process for liquid feedstock.

optimisation of the mass and energy balances.

performance testing of new (post SupraYield®) operating conditions.

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GreenEnergyPark™ Layout

GreenEnergyPark™ consists of simple and profitable applications for the transformation of biomass to energy and/or chemicals