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Biomass to Market

International Furan Technology

Novel furfural process technology

International Furan Technology (Pty) Ltd ("IFT") is an

independent developer and implementer of furfural process technologies. 

Our knowhow enables us to connect all the "dots" and provide complete technology & business solutions for the manufacture of furfural. DalinYebo initiated and manages this 2001 technology start-up company. Within the DalinYebo group of companies, IFT focuses on the development and support of technologies and projects for:

the manufacture of bio-renewable chemicals (e.g. furfural and its many by-products) and/or

the (co-) generation of electricity.

The IFT team received several awards for its contribution towards developing the bioscience sector in South Africa, e.g.:
-> Science and Technology (Ministerial) Award
-> Top Technology 100 Enterprise