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James Edward Lonsdale, BSc AGRIC, MSc AGRIC James Edward Lonsdale, BSc AGRIC, MSc AGRIC
Jimmy Londsdale (BSc and MSc AGRIC): Associate (Agronomy) & Farmer

Jimmy grew up on a livestock (dairy, beef and sheep) farm in Underberg and completed his studies with an MSc (AGRIC). Throughout his careers he worked in agriculture:

Agricultural research stations (Vaalhartz and Makatini)

Rhodesia Sugar Association (Research agronomist: weedicieds and irrigation)

Tongaat-Hulett Sugar (Assistant Agricultural Manager, Technical)

He farmed his own sugar cane farm (120 ha) for close to 20 years, but also assisted and prepared business plans for:

Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Development Support Services and Landreform (restitution and land reform projects)

Ithala Bank, Illembe Airport Construction Services and Regional Land Claims Commissioner.

Nhlanhleni Trust (Game farm, irrigated crops and beef. Included social development and construction of housing by local Municipality), Gugwini Trust (Game farming, dairy, beef and irrigated crops), Ncetezo Trading (Irrigated vegetables), Muden Community Trust (sugar cane) and for ten smaller organisations.

Jimmy is also a member of SA Sugar Industry Agronomists Association (Committee member and presented 4 papers), the SA Society for Agricultural Extension (Presented papers on "Rural development", "Identifying problems and suggesting solutions in land reform", "The comparison of mentors and equity schemes" and "Recommendations for extensionists for successful rural development") and a past member of SA Sugar Technologists Association (Presented 10 papers, see:

Jimmy speaks English, Afrikaans and Zulu.