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Biomass to Market

Our Approach

We help to push (technology) and pull (marketing)!

{grid7}When an industry insiders perceives the furfural business, like Dr. Zeitsch did, what hope is there to find investors for new projects?

Since its infancy, DalinYebo pursued a strategy that provides insights and knowhow to the furfural industry from two different angles:

PUSH: The outcome of our technology developments offers proprietary solutions to existing and new production facilities. The main features are energy and production efficiencies that provide a sustainable business/investment proposition. »

PULL: The creation of market access through our sales channels provides a secure off-take for new production. At the same time, it also creates new downstream uses. »

Hence our name: DalinYebo TRADING and DEVELOPMENT


".. the furfural industry has been traditionally secretive to the point of appearing shrouded in clouds of mystery .. clandestineness .. totally erroneous information.

The surreptitious atmosphere has not been conducive to progress as evidenced by the fact that the very first industrial furfural process, launched 90 years ago with old
equipment of a defunct cereal plant, is still used today although its yield is poor, without necessarily being so. .."
Dr. K.J. Zeitsch


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