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Biomass to Market

Our Modus Operandi

Knowhow for the bio-renewable chemicals industry: Manufacturing of furfural & its many by-products and energy/electricity.

We are an independent company that provides expertise globally. Our market, products, technology, CAPEX and OPEX data is proprietary to DalinYebo and would only be provided under a fee-for-service agreement e.g. for scoping studies, viability assessments, diagnostic studies, project development plans, process design packages, pre-feasibility studies, bankable feasibility studies, marketing & sales plans and business plans. We structure the agreements in accordance with the required scope of works and in the context of the business relationships.

DalinYebo wishes to develop joint venture partnerships with the owners of biomass and/or investors to make use of our intellectual capital and so derive a joint benefit from our technology knowhow and market access.

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