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Arcoy Biorefinery

Arcoy Biorefinery Arcoy Biorefinery
Feasibility and Process Design Package


In subcontract to the licensor, i.e. Proserpine Sugar Mill (PCSMA), DalinYebo provided the following services:

Evaluation of a furfural and furfuryl alcohol project:

Evaluation of the performance of the SupraYield pilot plant studies and its scale-up.

- Reaction kinetics: Conversion of pentosans to furfural.

- General operating parameters, including charging sequences in to the digesters.

- Typical energy and mass balance, which will provide data, such as:

- Typical yields of FF and FA yields per ton of bagasse.

- Expected production costs

- Typical consumptions of steam, water, power, acid, lime, etc. per ton of product (FF or FA).

- Expected effluent generation and loading.

- Suggested equipment list (Feedstock intake to FF or FA dispatch and utilities).

- Typical electrical and instrumentation requirements.

- Typical site layout (plot plan).

- Preparation of bagasse: Storage, conveying and drying.

- Suggested methodology for treatment and disposal of solid, liquid and gaseous wastes.

- Organisation chart with suggested manpower requirement, including managerial, supervisory, skilled & unskilled labour in an organization chart.

- Preliminary program (time schedule), detailing principal activities.

Facilitation of the license agreement between Proserpine Sugar Mill and Arcoy.

Development of the process design package

The Process Design Package was based on the Plant that PCSMA was building at Proserpine. PCSMA made design information available to facilitate a carbon copy of their design, provided that such information is the property of PCSMA. In broad terms, the information was consistent with data and information developped by PCSMA to safely operate and maintain a plant.

Design report

- Description of Technology

- Description of Plant operation, incl. OBL requirements

- Operation and control philosophy

Preliminary  Mass and Enthalpy Balance for Arcoy plant


Equipment List

including datasheets, which give either performance specifications (e.g. conveyors) or sizes and capacities (e.g. tanks) for each piece equipment:

- Material of construction specifications

- Civil/Structural: Preliminary plant layout and elevation for the Plant

- Loading for major equipment

- Electrical: Single Line Diagram

- Instrumentation list, incl. preliminary loop count

- Reactor Design

General Arrangement of Reactor

complete with filling and catalyst addition device, excluding any ancillary equipment, such as the automatic door, which is a bought-out item. The design will be to Australian Standard AS1210 and the Licensee will be responsible to undertake what ever work is necessary for the Reactor Design to be in compliance with the statutory and legal requirements of the Territory, i.e. he local fabricators in India have to develop their own fabrication drawings, based on the following Vessel & Drive System GA:

- Reactor Body Assembly & Details
- Runner Bands & Vessel Assembly
- Gear Wheel & Vessel Assembly
- Support Rollers & Runner Bands Assembly & Details
- Thrust Rollers Assembly & Details
- Gear Wheel & Pinion Assembly
- Support Rollers & Frame Assembly
- Support Roller Assembly
- Reactor Drive Arrangement & Details
- Inlet/Outlet Shaft Assembly
- Loading Door Assembly
- Runner Band Support Ring Arrangement & Details
- Runner Bands Arrangement & Details
- Drive Gear Wheel & Pinion Details
- 600 Diam Support Roller & Shaft Detail
- Drive Side Roller Base Frame Details
- Details of Support Roller Shaft - Cover Plate
- Drive Shaft Details
- Details of 800 NB Manhole
- Inlet/Outlet Shaft Details
- Non-drive Side Roller Base Frame Details
- Inlet Nozzle & Alphorn Details
- Vessel & Drive System Drive Base Details

Description of Datasheet Types

Conveyors: Datasheet specifying length, capacity, bulk density, belt material, dust handling, etc. enabling them to be designed and built by local sugar equipment suppliers  using local standards for pulleys, guards, emergency stops etc
Tanks, Vessels, Drums: Datasheet giving volume, diameter, height, outline sketch, MoC, wall thickness and nozzle schedule.  Fabrication drawings will be made available where possible
Pumps: Datasheet with pump type, head, capacity, fluid specs, MoC, seal arrangement, electrical enclosure spec.

The contract was completed with the handover of the process design package.

In February 2012, DalinYebo was awareded a contracted by Arcoy to commission the steam stripping system addition.


2008 - 2009 and 2012

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