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Biomass to Market

Terms of Contract

We contract, using well established and proven model agreements (e.g. FIDIC or ICC)

Our engineering services are generally undertaken on the basis of the General Conditions of the Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement (Third Edition 1998) published by the Fédération Internationale des Ingénieur – Conseils (FIDIC), whilst our trade agreements are based on e.g. ICC Model Contratcs.

The following Particular Conditions augment and modify the General Conditions. References to clause numbers refer to the clauses in the General Conditions. References to Appendices A, B, and C in the General Conditions refer to the terms in the DalinYebo proposals or contracts. The documents which shall form part of any contract are listed in the following order of priority:

(1) The signed proposal/letter of acceptance, i.e. the Particular Conditions.

(2) DYTD's Standard Conditions For Professional Services.

(3) FIDIC General Conditions.